October 2014


Lost Treasures By Thomas Peter McCarthy 10/02
Dawn Hug By Mark Furness 10/06
Navel By Michael Crane 10/09
The Fears of a Clown By Cindy Tomamichel 10/13
The Calendar By Darryl Lorenzo Wellington 10/16
Hogtown By Nate Depke 10/20
In The Nacreous Mirrors Of His Little Golden Ball By Hannah E. Phinney 10/23

Halloween Week Special Mini-Edition

What the Eyes Can’t By Peter Baltensperger 10/27
Eight Legs By Andy Tu 10/28
The Voice in the Cave By Robin Wyatt Dunn 10/29
Why We Burned The Witches By Chris Bullard 10/30
Of Ice and Remembrance By Mara Buck 10/31

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