Based on a True Story by Shannon Yarbrough

May 26, 2011 Comments Off on Based on a True Story by Shannon Yarbrough

Mammy said no. No to letting me go to the army base to see James.

I asked twice. She still said no. Bubba laughed when I didn’t get my way.

I was so angry. At Bubba. At Mammy. I shot her while she was in the backyard hanging sheets out to dry. Bubba heard the shotgun blast and came running. I turned and shot him too. I dragged their bodies to the barn and looked for an ax. Then, I buried the pieces in the backyard beneath the blood spattered sheets waving in the wind.

© 2011 Shannon Yarbrough

Shannon L. Yarbrough is a writer, painter, photographer, and poet living in St. Louis, Missouri.  He is the author of three novels, and he believes in ghosts.  He’s an amateur gardener, novice wine drinker, book reader, movie lover, music listener, and a pretty good cook.  Find him online at

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