The Day Apollo Returned by Andrew J. Stone

September 26, 2011 Comments Off on The Day Apollo Returned by Andrew J. Stone

I’ve always wondered if the stories of our ancestors were true, but the sun hadn’t shone in over thirty-five years. Maybe that’s why she let herself stand at the edge of the sea at six-thirty in the morning, because she didn’t believe the stories. Or maybe she lost faith in the sun. Either way, I lost her. Her eyes rolled in her head; her flesh sizzled and slowly turned black. Her skin incinerated; her bones embered. Apollo’s rays inhaled her whispers goodbye. I collected her ashes in a velvet pouch after the sun faded and retreated deeper into deep darkness.

© 2011 Andrew J. Stone

Andrew J. Stone is a storyteller and words express what he sees in the world. He tries to expose the dark layer surrounding the heart in order to make sense of this life. His hope is that his stories will enable other individuals to do the same. His work has appeared or will appear in Phantom Kangaroo, The Camel Saloon, Three Line Poetry, Yesteryear Fiction, and The Fringe.

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