On Cinder Blocks by Kenneth Pobo

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Spacker never admits to anyone that he killed his brother Crick who lay sprawled under the ’77 Buick when the car “accidentally” fell off the cinder blocks. Spacker got loads of sympathy.

“He was my only bro,” he said, “almost a god to me.”

Crick bedded any girl who would have him — including two of Spacker’s girlfriends — his high school sweetheart Dina Rose and a girl named Dora who he met at a 7-11 and dated for six months.

Spacker grinned at the crack of his brother’s rib cage as the car fell, the sound of death swimming up Crick’s breath.

Even though all of Micah Township thought the brothers were close, he never liked Crick. Even at age five, Spacker took a fork and stabbed him in the belly. Crick shrieked. Terrific fun!

The Buick ended up crumpled in a ditch. The Bailey Boys had stolen it and pushed it off the cliff. That’s when Spacker cried. He carried the steering wheel home, the closest thing to a baby he thought he’d ever have.

© 2011 Kenneth Pobo

Kenneth Pobo has a new chapbook of micro-fiction out from Deadly Chaps called Tiny Torn Maps. His chapbook of poetry, Ice And Gaywings, won Qarrtsiluni’s 2011 chapbook contest and came out in November 2011.

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