Tomorrow by Sheldon Lee Compton

January 23, 2012 Comments Off on Tomorrow by Sheldon Lee Compton

New pawn shop opened last week. Gram’s necklace is looking pretty good for the place. All I need is a hundred, enough for a handful. I’ll do them regular, even.

Necklace was for Helen, but I’ll get a hundred, and Bill C, he’ll take that for a handful. I’ll do them regular. Or get a ringed plate and crush them real careful. Maybe half and half. Half regular and half crushed. Just thinking about it gets me right in the gut. I can stretch it out. Half and half.

It’s some ace bad voodoo. Bad mojo to pawn it off, I know. But Helen is a bitch, and I’m shutdown for selling, shutdown for supply to dip into or trips to Florida for awhile. Goddamn UNITE task force been sniffing my ass close.

I’m itching. My arms, my legs. I’m shaking. The necklace has to go. Tomorrow. The necklace can go to hell. Tomorrow. I’m sick as a dog. Tomorrow. Okay. Tomorrow.

© 2011 Sheldon Lee Compton, first appeared at Fictionaut.

Sheldon Lee Compton is the author of The Same Terrible Storm (Foxhead Books, 2012). He survives in Eastern Kentucky. You can find him at

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