Rubber Chains by Shawn Misener

May 17, 2012 Comments Off on Rubber Chains by Shawn Misener

They told him he was a monster and he believed it. They brought cigarettes to his house and he smoked them.

He turned metal chains to rubber with the force of his mind. He prepared tacos for the paperboy.

The sun spun in the sky like a glowing basketball on God’s finger. He smiled because he knew.

When the moon inched its way over the trees he set up dynamite around his bed. He called his mother and asked for his smile back. When she refused he lit the fuse and blasted through the roof.

In the sky, in the bed, in the throes of nicotine addiction. In the eyes of his friends. In the end the brilliance of his spirit.

They told him he was God and he believed it.

© 2012 Shawn Misener, first appeared at Fictionaut

Shawn Misener is a full-time writer from Michigan.  He is the author of the chapbook Dry Humping a Fire Hydrant and the upcoming full-length poetry text God Sheds His Gravy On Thee.  His work has appeared at over fifty print and online venues.  He also edits the absurdist poetry blogazine Clutching at Straws.
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