Overheard by Townsend Walker

November 5, 2012 Comments Off on Overheard by Townsend Walker

–Probably wasn’t anything could be done about it.

–You did everything you could.

–When was it? A month ago we talked to him.

–Given the circumstances, inevitable.

–With what he was mixed up in.

–Bound to happen, sooner or later.

–Che sera, sera.

–But to end up there.

–I don’t know what else I could have done.

–Did you hear about that thing a couple days earlier?

–Why on earth would anyone . . .?

–You know, it’s really been hard on Sally.

–But she’s been a trooper though it all.

–Did the police have to give out so much detail?

–Hey, over by the pillar, is that her? Black hat.

–These days . . . .

–What do you think happens next?

–There’ll be questions.

–They talked to you yet?

–Blonde in the blue dress by the window?

–Another one?

–By the way, who found him?

–They’re not saying.

–Think this will change anything?


–You see anything to drink around here?

© 2012 Townsend Walker

Townsend Walker is a writer living in San Francisco. During a career in finance he published three books: foreign exchange, derivatives, and portfolio management. His stories have been published in over fifty literary journals and included in five anthologies. Two were nominated for the PEN/O.Henry Award. Four stories were performed at the New Short Fiction Series in Hollywood. His story collection “A Little Love, A Little Shove” is forthcoming from Shelfstealers Press in 2013. Visit him at www.townsendwalker.com

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