Evenly, Gently by Jonathan Edward Doyle

December 6, 2012 Comments Off on Evenly, Gently by Jonathan Edward Doyle

That summer I learnt what alone meant. I learnt what pain meant. We moved into the new house that fall. We packed everything into cardboard boxes. He didn’t even help. I started sorting the loft on a Monday, and we were sleeping in alien rooms by Thursday – our life, a hideous exhibition of the grotesquely old and terrifyingly new. If you put a frog into water and gently apply heat, the creature never realises. It won’t move. Right up until it boils to death, it sits there, all happy and content. I didn’t used to believe this.

© 2012 Jonathan Edward Doyle

Jonathan Edward Doyle is a Zoology graduate currently studying towards a masters degree while also pursuing a creative side. He lives in the UK.

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