Lies I Never Meant To Tell by Austin Eichelberger

May 13, 2013 Comments Off on Lies I Never Meant To Tell by Austin Eichelberger

I won’t throw rocks at cars or my brothers, not even small ones that won’t really hurt  —  I’ll try not to cry on the playground when the other boys call me names  —  After dinner I’ll finish my math homework  —  Don’t worry, my new khakis won’t get dirty  —  I promise not to eat any of the cookies that are for the church social  —  We’ll always be friends  —  I’ll never interrupt class again  —  No matter what the popular kids do, I won’t ever start smoking  —  And if it’s a R-rated movie, I’ll call you right away to come pick me up  —  He and I just like hanging out together, nothing more  —  I’ll be home by nine  —  Of course I’ll bring home any boys I’m interested in dating  —  Be right back  —  Look, it doesn’t matter if my door is shut anyway, because we’re not going to do anything  —  I promise to be extra careful driving at night  —  I swear never to come on to him — I know how much he means to you  —  But this time, I mean it  —  I hate the taste of beer  —  I love you  —  No, you look great, really  —  I’ll do anything if you just give me a passing grade  —  All I can say is, I mean it when I say it will never happen again, especially not with him  —  I will never drink and drive  —  Pleased to meet you  —  I’ll bring him home safe, Mr. Fischer  —  I don’t know how it happened, Officer  —  Okay, I forgot where I put your t-shirt, but I’ll find it for you later  —  I still love you  —  I have to go – I’ll explain it another time  —  Look, I’m sorry, but really, none of it is my fault.

© 2013 Austin Eichelberger

Austin Eichelberger completed his MA in Fiction in May 2009. Since then, he has taught English and writing courses at several universities. His fiction has appeared in the University of Chester’s Flash Magazine, Diverse Voices Quarterly, and Eclectic Flash, among others. He is co-founding editor of the online journal SPACES.

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