Thy Neighbor’s Wife by Quinn Tyler Jackson

July 1, 2013 Comments Off on Thy Neighbor’s Wife by Quinn Tyler Jackson

Cement. Cool like ice cream, grey like a West Coast spring, as hard as diamonds under the right feet.

Wood rots. Drywall crumbles. Bricks loosen and fall.

“Mornin’,” he said.

I nodded back.

Three years ago, that. Glass didn’t keep them. Stone was too smooth. Too damned smooth.

“Ever think of trying out a sermon?” he said.

I nodded back a nope.

Started slowly. Sundays started getting closer together. SUV had one fewer passenger.

“Planting early this season?”

Yes, she nodded back.

“Not at church this week?”

Nope, she nodded back.

Coffee. Iced tea. Vanilla and brown sugar perfume. Lace and grace and waiting for Sundays.

Rapture won’t take her. Cold, grey, and hard.

Cement. Build your houses on cement.

© 2013 Quinn Tyler Jackson

Jackson lives on Prince Edward Island with his wife, their two cats, and dog. He is currently working on his fourth novel, tentatively entitled After Lilith Eve.

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