Bumping Into The Wrong Car by Samantha Memi

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He was driving his car when he hit another car. He got out of his car and walked over to the car he’d hit. The woman who’d been driving the car he hit got out of her car to remonstrate with the man who had crashed into her. She looked at the damage, then at the man, and she wanted to say, Look what you’ve done to my beautiful car, but instead she said, Thomas? and the man said, Samantha, what a surprise. I thought you were in London now.

I am. I’ve just come back for today. My father died.

I’m sorry.

He’d been ill for some time.

Cars honked as they drove past.

I’m sorry about your car.

What were you thinking?

I wasn’t . . . I um, I’ll give you my details, insurance stuff.


I mean, it was my fault.

Yes. I heard you married Annabel.

That’s my insurance number. Yes I did. Now we’re getting divorced. Ha ha. I’ll be free and single again.

Any children?

Fortunately no. Kids get messed up in a divorce.

That’s true.

Her phone rang.

Hi. Yes, but I’ve had an accident. No no, nothing serious. Okay. I won’t be too late.

She switched off her phone.




They got each other’s insurance details and went their different ways.

© 2013 Samantha Memi

Samantha Memi lives in London. Her stories can be found at http://www.samanthamemi.weebly.com

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