Anniversary by Steven Winters

August 22, 2013 Comments Off on Anniversary by Steven Winters

He sits on a dilapidated dock that overlooks the bay, slowly peeling away the petals of a withered rose. Tendrils of fog roll across the water, reaching for the stars that glimmer in the silken sky. Today is their four-year anniversary.

“Did you miss me?”

Her voice echoes on the breeze that stirs the fog which lays upon the water’s surface. A petal floats down is consumed by mist and is carried away. He doesn’t look to see if she’s there.

“I miss you every day, my love.”

Soundlessly the fragile stem falls into the water . . . and fades.

© 2013 Steven Winters

Steven is a current student at Auburn University. He enjoys pursuing a healthy mix of academic pursuit and physical exercise, whether it be swimming or a pick up game of ultimate frisbee. His academic interests include working towards a dual degree in Creative Writing and Microbiology. He is the oldest of three children and enjoys the role he plays in his younger siblings’ lives.

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