Mary and The Reptiles by Mark Lewis

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They bombarded her with messages: We were like you onceExtinguish your fear, come to us and regain the joy you felt before the end of your world.

Mary walked down the street at the edge of reality where colors grew dim and lines faint.  The alleyways were piled up with undelivered newspapers and melting domestic rubbish.  The company branding sheer-hot where it was still readable.  Reptiles stood just out of view, beyond the tangible.  No-one’s land.  The Reptiles worried Mary.  She shivered as her body cooled, crouching down, hiding in the fading alleyway as if it were a trench.  She feared her heart condition would finish her, but the voices said silly, it is already over.  Mary buried her fears; she was pacified by the Reptiles’ telepathy.   Mary stopped.  She considered.  At last, she accepted it as her skin hardened into scales.

© 2013 Mark Lewis

Mark has previously had work published in Another 100 Horrors, Full Fathom Forty, Escape Velocity, Scheherazade, Estronomicon, The Nail, and others. He has also written and performed in pantomimes. He is still working on two novels. Mark is a member of the Clockhouse London Writers. More of Mark’s writing can be found at

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