Mary And Scrote By Dan Seiters

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It became clear, clear to me at least, that you might as well put Pepto-Bismol on a scar as give advice to Mary and Scrote. Theirs was a relationship of great strain. He asked only what he needed to know, but she failed to understand. She thought that he, like other men, asked everything. Therefore she answered only every third question, gratified only every third whim. It was because of his terrible name — Scrote.

He starved to death, mumbling that “Too many people are taking ego trips across my soul.”

And she said, “No more will he sit around sucking on a mood.”

© 2014 Dan Seiters

Dan Seiters was publicity manager for Southern Illinois University Press for more than two decades; he wrote jacket copy for about 1,500 books. His novel is The Dastardly Dashing of Wee Expectations. His nonfiction book is Image Patterns in the Novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Among many of his short stories: The, Killer, Trained and Devastating appeared in The Viet Nam Generation Anthology. The Untimely Demise of the Other Frank Sinatra appeared in the anthology, When Last on the Mountain, and Bones and Blue Ribbons appeared in Front Range: A Review of Literature and Art.

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