Storyscape By Kurt Cline

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In a story by Saki, there’s an affable guy, fat and short. Sells shirts. There’s also a tempestuous redhead who, though lacking a proper education, has a very high-class veneer. The two are mistakenly put together in the same pup tent by a guide on a camping trip. I implore Saki, “You can help me!—I know you can!—that redhead is just like my wife!” The author agrees to help, but only under certain conditions. “Yes, you can enter into the storyscape but please understand—you cannot take a life!

© 2014 Kurt Cline

Kurt Cline has been a poet and performance artist for the past thirty years. His poems have won awards and appeared in numerous small-press magazines such as, most recently, Wilderness House Literary Review, Black Scat and Clockwise Cat. His full length poetry collection Voyage to the Sun: Poetry and Translations was published by Boston Poet Press in 2008. Cline’s folk-punk CD, Alien Shoe came out from 12 Studio in Taiwan in 2013. He is currently Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at National Taipei University of Technology. Scholarly articles have appeared in Anthropology of Consciousness; Tamkang Review, Glimpse: Phenomenology and Media; Cuadrante and Communication, Comparative Civilizations and Cultures: Journal of the Jean Gebser Society.

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