The Release By Soren James

July 14, 2014 Comments Off on The Release By Soren James

Start here, read these words, let them into your mind, allow them to accrue — gently building a picture there, forming thoughts that can only be yours; because these words are saying nothing, only you can bring life to them, it’s you saying all this, telling this to yourself, while consoling yourself that it‘s not you saying it, assuring that self of yours that it is all delivered from some author somewhere, for you would not speak to yourself in such a manner, or at the very least, you would never say the things that are on their way in this text, things that are slowly approaching you from the bottom of this page; in this passage you are about to tell yourself things, and describe things, that you have never described before: these are exciting times, and you should experience them to the fullest, for such things pass all too quickly, so much of life passes without us being there with it, every interstice and lull in our lives should be filled with awareness, for to pass up being here in the now because of an adopted attitude of waiting, or wishing time away until an event comes, is time killed and we can’t, as humans, afford to kill time, for that is a form of self-slaughter more effective than the actual choice to end oneself; that said, it’s not long now until things start to happen here, before images are thrown into this mix, the unknown is just down there, down this page, scan down the text a bit and you might get a glimpse of words like “sodomy” or “miscalculation” though probably not, because those words do not appear here again, more likely you’ll see such words as “fly” and “escaped” as these are the two most notable words coming your way, they will be used extensively in the coming story, a story that you will question the very existence of because you can see that this text ends just a few lines down from here, so you‘ll probably reason that there‘s no space for a story, yet there is room here for a fable about a fly who escaped — the moral of the tale being to leave more windows and doors open in life; and you can tell yourself that from me.

© 2014 Soren James

Soren James is a writer and visual artist who largely exists in London. He re-creates himself (with amendments) on a daily basis, not knowing whom else to create.

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