Vagabond, I By Joe Nicholas

September 8, 2014 Comments Off on Vagabond, I By Joe Nicholas

I lie here, crucified by the earth in absolute silence, my head buzzing with cheap liquor, the webs of my love unfolding across these snowy plains. I hear cars in the distance, hundreds of people, lives, existences outside of my own, appearing as nothing but the sound of fading motors. I look at the empty spaces between the stars. They appear to be inches apart, yet those inches contain trillions of miles. There are trillions of lifetimes that I will never experience. I lay in this gray earth, the trees revealing all of the secrets that the grass already knew, yet I

Did not.

© 2014 Joe Nicholas

Joe Nicholas is an experimenter and experiencer with work published or forthcoming in The Legendary, Phantom Kangaroo, Star*Line, Willard & Maple, and other fine magazines. He enjoys wine, felines, puns, perpetual evolution, and all things bizarre. His blogfolio can be found at

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