Dawn Hug By Mark Furness

October 6, 2014 Comments Off on Dawn Hug By Mark Furness

You think you’re going to check a prototype. Just climb inside and have a look around, test the seats. I’m in there. You smile. So do I. The engine starts. We taxi to the runway. There are no seatbelts. We gain speed and ride into the clouds. Dawn. You notice I’ve lost one arm. You wonder where it went, how I feel. I move my stump in a circle. You smile. I don’t. I massage my stump. You realise I’m wearing a backpack, maybe a parachute. You’re just wearing a shirt and skin on your back. You’re dizzy. I walk to the opening. I throw open the door. I grab you and jump into space. What do you do now?

© 2014 Mark Furness

Mark Furness is a writer based in Sydney, Australia.

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