Steep Drop By Ginny Blanford

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The top of her head lifted off on its hinge, and a city skyline rose up, compressed, full of vitality and tall buildings. People nearby looked on curiously. Things emerged: men with umbrellas, women in platform shoes, small children carrying puppies.

No one doubted that something unusual was happening.

She looked around, and reaching up with both hands, she wrestled one or two of the small figures back inside. A cat stretched lazily on top of her ear while a boy clambered down her face, using strands of her hair as his escape route. He dropped from her shoulder to the ground, and she watched him stumble away. He had hurt his ankles. It was a steep drop.

She pushed hard on the top of her head and closed it up again, containing the universe and catching the cat’s tail.

The bystanders moved on.

© 2014 Ginny Blanford

Ginny Blanford has published four romance novels under the pseudonym Sarah Crewe. Visit her at  

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