The 2:00 PM Re-arranging By Angel Dionne

June 11, 2015 Comments Off on The 2:00 PM Re-arranging By Angel Dionne

It was approximately 2:00pm, a balmy afternoon. Her fingernails rapped the desk, mauve puffs rising up after each tap. Puff-tap-puff.

“I need to see your diploma,” she asked.

“I can’t,” I handed her a pink-rimmed teacup. “It’s currently in the shop.”

She brought the cup to parted lips. “Nothing serious, I hope?”

“No. One of its wheels broke.”

You could hear the pines shuffling, just beyond the screen door, re-arranging themselves for the afternoon. You could hear the smallest taking its place beside the flowerbed.

“A diploma with wheels?” Her face lit up. “Why I’ve never heard of such a thing!”

“Yes, I went to a very fancy school. We had wheels for all our diplomas.”

The final pine rooted itself in place.

© 2014 Angel Dionne

Angel Dionne is a PhD candidate, writer, and literary theorist. Her areas of interest include surrealism and existentialism. In her spare time, she has a penchant for travel, parrots, and steaming cups of tea.

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