The Almost-Werewolf By Colin Rowe

October 29, 2015 Comments Off on The Almost-Werewolf By Colin Rowe

Having passed out naked in the forest, Dave had set himself up for a truly legendary prank. By covering him with blood and animal guts, I was sure I could convince him he was a werewolf. It had been a full moon that night, and Dave was prone to believing anything during his manic episodes. Unfortunately, the ground was uncomfortable, or the sun rose too soon. Catching the squirrel was noisy — perhaps that’s what woke him — but whatever the cause, Dave was awake too early, and there I was standing over him with a freshly-killed squirrel, looking like a fool.

“Fuck you, Dave,” I said.

I dropped the squirrel and walked home without explanation.

© 2015 Colin Rowe

Colin Rowe has been published by, Aurora Wolf Magazine, Danse Macabre, The Boston Literary Magazine, The Eunoia Review, and a dozen other flash fiction magazines. He lives in Santa Fe, NM and tweets under the handle @lowericon.

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