On Eating Bananas By Christopher Gannon

November 5, 2015 Comments Off on On Eating Bananas By Christopher Gannon

Carl sits at a table minding his own business. Bill enters with three random objects and lays them on the table. One of the objects is a ripe banana.

BILL: Eat the banana.


BILL: I insist that you eat it.

CARL: I wont.

BILL: Put it in your mouth!

CARL: You’re scaring me!

Mary storms into the room in knee-high black boots spattered in mud.

MARY: Why are you afraid?

CARL: It’s not the banana that scares me, but the way it’s being presented as a random object.

Mary takes one of the objects off the table and uses it to wipe mud off her boots. Bill takes the other object, breaks it into two, and sticks them in his ears. The banana remains on the table.

BILL: Please, eat the banana.

CARL: Thank you.

BILL: What?

CARL: I said thank you!

BILL: What?

MARY: He said thank you!

BILL: Please don’t spank me!

Mary spanks Bill while Carl peels the banana and eats it.

© 2015 Christopher Gannon

Christopher Gannon lives in a black box as punishment for something he didn’t do. When they are in the mood (which is never frequent) he is allowed to come out. During those rare opportunities, he can be found sitting in a bathtub writing stories. He hides them in strange places so that they never know. http://cdgannon.wordpress.com

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