Skeletons By Kit Maude

April 7, 2016 Comments Off on Skeletons By Kit Maude

X. announces that this year he will be giving everyone animal skeletons for Christmas. Mother X. will receive the skeleton of an expired Toucan, beak included. Father X. will get the skull and tusks of a sturdy walrus. Brother X. will have the inner frame of a sprightly macaque, while Sister X. will be able to observe the graceful workings of a barn owl, wings outstretched as though in flight. X. is very pleased with his choices, which involved much careful research, for animals symbolize many things and he thinks that he has successfully avoided any unwanted connotations while also finding a set of neat, sculptural gifts. Y., however, looks horrified at the announcement and urges him to rethink his medium. X. sighs and shakes his head. Once more he seems to have overlooked something crucial.

© 2015 Kit Maude

Kit Maude is a translator based in Buenos Aires.

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