Spell of the Game By Zoltán Komor

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I witnessed a pervert insulting a young girl on the bus. Opening his long, black trench coat, he showed the girl the puzzle box between his hairy legs.

“Solve it, you little bitch!” he hissed at her. The girl took it as a challenge and began to turn the sides of the magic cube. As the colors shifted, the guy moaned in pleasure. After a few minutes, he climaxed and then tried to button up his coat, but the girl was so lost in the game, she smacked the pervert on his hand and tore open his coat again. The other travelers got closer, giving advice to the girl on how to solve the puzzle. Then they joined in the game; taking turns, they each turned a side. As more and more hands began to touch him, the pervert started to look like he felt quite awkward. He told the travelers that he wanted to get off at the next stop, but no one was paying attention to him. As he tried to break through the passengers, they grabbed and threw him to the ground. A few people held down his arms and legs, and the game continued.

“God damn it, I almost got it!” yelled a middle-aged woman as she ripped the toy out from between the guy’s legs in anger.

After that, the puzzle box traveled from hand to hand. The rule was that everyone could turn the sides five times, and then he or she must pass it to another gamer. The bus driver almost solved it, but then a dumb teenage boy messed up all the colors. Later, the young girl even handed the toy to the pervert, hoping maybe he’d know how to finish the game, but he didn’t take it. He just lay there, bleeding, begging for an ambulance. He was wailing so much we couldn’t concentrate, so we threw him out at the next stop. Then we went back to the game.

© 2015 Zoltán Komor

Zoltán Komor is from Hungary and writes surreal short stories. He is published in Caliban Online, Thrice Fiction, The Phantom Drift, and Bizarro Central among others. His first book titled Flamingos in the Ashtray was just released by Burning Bulb Publishing.

First Appeared at Bizarro Central 2014/05/09

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