A Story about Shoes with a Hat on Top By Adam Weber

December 7, 2015 Comments Off on A Story about Shoes with a Hat on Top By Adam Weber

Sometimes I cry when the snow comes down and I look at my feet. It’s not that they are bad feet, but only that around here no one seems to have feet anymore. It began imperceptibly. My rich friend Natasha came home from somewhere over the ocean wearing metal fabric wrapped around her toes, and I was too polite to ask. Every day she pressed a button, and her feet shrank. One day she had feet, then hooves, then nothing. Now I’m quite afraid and embarrassed, not only because I can’t afford the shrinking shoes, but because Natasha has just bought a hat.

© 2015 Adam Weber

Adam Weber is a human being, quite like others, except not as happy. He spends his days in Olympia, Washington glowering at rainbows and discussing the heat death of the universe with his pet cats. His favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut; his second is Daniil Kharms. After completing his AA and Bachelor’s degrees, he wants to leave for the University of Oslo, where he will likely study some sort of psychological science.

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