The Collected Teachings of Ag Nom, Nong By Daniel Ableev

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John was an avid reader of books that were inspired or authored by the so-called Ö factor. He met his first Ö book during his VBR years in Eitelkeitstabellen (under Frunkfart) and fell in love with its utter lack of properties. All of the Ö books he had encountered so far featured nothing at all. But there were rumours about a unique book, which had exactly 1 distinct property: its title My Remote-controlled Blue Banjo. The content of this book, however, was non-definable. There was no content, or at least nothing to write hÖme about. Moreover, the book did not have any length or width; neither did it outweigh Proust’s Recer nor Schmidt’s Zem.


There is a darker, more bizarre side to tomorrow, which we call yesterday. We even had to buy us into slavery once.


A bicycle bum (Hobo bicircularis) mated once with the cemetery workers, whose moronic views were highly contagious, and published a Giant WEWWEJ from the year 1952, i. e. a huge pool of shush. Claude’s false clone, on the other hand, was a form so seldom that there is no mention of it in the Russian Dwarf’s Journeaux, a periodical about rat devouring or swallow threatening.


We’ve been trying to have a book about an anatomical peculiarity (Ö) for quite some time now, but the doctor said that I can’t get pregnant. Personally, I was pretty sure that he said that I can’t get enough, which is a somewhat rude thing to say. Anyway, this book (Ö) is about a boy, a girl (friend of boy), a father (father of boy), a spirit (spirit of boy), a mind (mind of boy), a ghost (ghost of boy), a geist (geist of boy), a phantom (phantom of boy), a doctor (doctor of boy), an old lady (an elderly woman of boy), and about Ö (Ö).

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Daniel Ableev, *1981 in Novosibirsk, Russia, is a certified strangeologist from Bonn, Germany; he has studied law and comparative literature, writes for the metal magazine “Legacy,” composes avantsounds for “Freuynde + Gaesdte” and co-edits “DIE NOVELLE – Zeitschrift für Experimentelles;” publications in German & English, print & online (Born to Fear: Interviews with Thomas Ligotti, The Dream People, Alu etc.). or

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