On an Evening in Late September… By Matthew Beach

March 16, 2015 Comments Off on On an Evening in Late September… By Matthew Beach

On an Evening in Late September, I Read Cormac McCarthy

and Watch You Gather Stones for a Fire Pit.

You find the best ones riverside. All sizes and textures. You carry them hammocked in your shirtfront, back to site. You stack logs then light. Feral horses grazing. Mares, orange and yellow. Stallions, blue into red, rearing and bucking, stirring up eddies of ash into the air like moths from cocoons. You pen them up in endless circles. They whinny mad and native in their cavessons, trapped in a stone corral, waiting to be tamed.

© 2014 Matthew Beach

Matthew Beach is a high-school English teacher, writer, and visual artist from Canton, Ohio. His poems and stories appear in The Prose-Poem Project, Metazen, Weave, Heavy Feather Review, and elsewhere. His work can be found online at http://mtbeach.wordpress.com


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